About Royal Lashes

Lash extension store

After owning a lash boutique for 4 year and using dozens of different products without finding a lash extension that was really loved.  It was decided that in order to find the lash that would suit my needs I would have to create my own design.  It has been an amazing road traveled so far,  investigating multiple manufactures, perusing many different designs.  Trash, Rinse, Repeat....Finally, a lash tray was created that allows me, and hopefully you, the ability to create the perfect, lush, full bodied look our clients are asking from us without sacrificing time and energy.  The no-knot, no-glue fans are hand placed on the tray allowing for easy placement on the natural lash.  

Because there is no knot or glue holding the fans together, each lash of the fan surrounds the natural lash like a glove which provides excellent retention.  The additional weight from knots and glued fans can weigh down the lashes and produce an unnatural look. There is only one bond between a knotted or glued fan between the natural lash and the fan itself, if that bond is broken the whole fan is gone.  This doesn't happen with Royal Lashes, each lash of the fan is simultaneously attached individually to the natural lash.

We at Royal Lashes are confident you will appreciate the quality and convenance of our lashes and your satisfaction is very important to us.  If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied do not hesitate to let us know and we will make things right for you.